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If you're looking to get more fun out of campaign mode for the original Halo, and also Halo 3, ODST and Reach, you're in the right place because there are over a million words of cyborg-happy yammering here, largely devoted to that goal. For the original there's a massive section of fun including detailed accounts of the five megabattles, and there's also a large section of combat tips to help you in the field. You'll find plenty more besides, including some biting frontline insights from ace reporter Suzie. I'm also busy making movies and adding pictures to my written material (click thumbnails to enlarge), to enhance the Bad Cyborg experience. So come on in and get a bit of red mist worked up under your visor!

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To help get you started, here are some random pictures from articles on the site. See anything of interest? Click to enlarge, or click a caption to jump to the relevant page.

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  • February 24th: Wraith at the bottom of the cavern
    Spectacular fun with a Wraith, in BCM274.
  • February 17th: Freakiness and fun #19
    Another batch of freakiness and fun is here: BCM273.
  • February 11th: Rockslide megabattles
    Here are two rockslide megabattle movies: BCM271 showing plateau front defence, and BCM272 showing island plateau defence. I've also revised the island plateau defence page, adding pics at last.
  • February 3rd: Arm waving again
    Remember the mysterious arm waving in BCM268? Here's my belated article about it.
  • February 1st: Yeti Flood article
    Finished at last. Check out my extensive yeti Flood article - the definitive guide to these elusive fellows, now that I've got ten movies behind me (with more to come at a later date).
  • January 30th: Shade guy spotlight
    Shade guy stars in BCM270, probably my last yeti Flood movie for the time being.
  • January 12th: Seeing log guy's teleport arrival
    In BCM269 I show how to witness log guy's teleport arrival on top of the map!
  • January 6th: Swamp guy animation surprise
    Holy cow! A Flood animation I've never seen before! Check out BCM268.
  • December 28th: Swamp guy spotlight
    It's time for a look at what you can do with swamp guy, in BCM267. And the payoff is good!
  • December 21st: Log guy blocked from teleporting
    Teleportation trouble for log guy, in BCM266!
  • December 17th: Log guy kept alive
    Continuing with the yeti Flood theme, it's the turn of log guy to be saved from death - in BCM265. This also sheds possible light on the situation as a whole.
  • December 13th: Cliff guy kept alive!
    So, here's that tutorial I promised. Groundbreaking, dare I say? See BCM264.
  • December 11th: Yeti Flood unleashed! Two-minute teaser
    There's unexpected trouble for MC in BCM2623, a teaser for a tutorial coming up next!
  • December 7th: Log guy, up close and personal!
    My yeti Flood work continues with BCM262, in which I get right up close to log guy!
  • December 4th: Looking for yeti Flood
    Continuing with 343 GS, BCM261 is a guide to the elusive yeti Flood!
  • November 25th: Top of 343 Guilty Spark via rock-hop
    Hey, I found myself a new way to the top of 343 GS! See BCM260, and also my related article.
  • November 22nd: Spawning fun at the structure entrance
    Here's that sequel I promised: BCM259. See also my related article.
  • November 18th: Top of 343 Guilty Spark via Pelican
    Here's my first level 6 movie at last: BCM258. See also my related article, Top of the first map via Pelican. Sequel movie coming soon!
  • November 8th: Movie-making resumes
    I'm back to the movie-making with some rockslide megabattle action, in BCM256 and BCM257.
  • August 6th: Entry chamber article update
    I've updated my entry chamber article. It's now more distinctly sectioned, and I've expanded on some topics which have had movie coverage recently.
  • August 4th: Freakiness and fun #18
    Hot new dose of freakiness and fun: BCM255.
  • July 31st: Breaking out into the void!
    Force-launching is now taking me out of the chamber and into the void! See BCM254.
  • July 24th: Column ascent gets easier
    I've now got a method for making column ascent easy and reliable. See BCM253.
  • July 20th: Entry chamber column ascent
    Going where possibly no cyborg has gone before! See BCM252.
  • July 18th: Deep force-launching
    Starting a new wave of entry chamber goodness, here at last is a movie on force-launching from the bottom ('deep' force-launching). Don't miss BCM251 - and stay tuned for what's coming!
  • July 6th: Ghost riding on a ledge, part 2
    See BCM250 for how the Ghost riding went. I've also posted an article.
  • July 4th: Ghost riding on a ledge, part 1
    I have some high-altitude Ghost riding in mind. BCM249 gets things started!
  • June 29th: Dead Grunts in the mist!
    Specifically, the mist at the bottom of AOTCR's entry chamber - see BCM248.
  • June 21st: Entry chamber Pelican reboarding trick
    Partly as a follow-on to my last movie, I present BCM247 and a related article.
  • June 16th: Entry chamber Siege of Madrigal Easter egg
    Did you know there's a musical Easter egg in the entry chamber? Check out BCM246.
  • June 13th: Entry chamber hog descent quest
    So, how about driving a Warthog down the entry chamber? See BCM245 to see how things went!
  • June 9th: Ghost descent of the entry chamber
    New way of reaching the bottom of the entry chamber! Watch BCM243 and then BCM244.
  • June 6th: Bottom of the entry chamber
    I'm back to the entry chamber and going deeper than ever, in BCM242!
  • June 1st: Seven extra Marines fast via Banshee grab
    My latest movie BCM241 demonstrates a nice new version of an old trick, getting seven extra Marines fast. I've also updated the relevant article.