Here's a growing section of novel fun to have in the Halo 3 ODST campaign. In each level-specific section, items in a given class (highlights, general, or minor) are listed by how far through the level they relate to, as best as possible.

Stop press: did I say "growing"? Unfortunately it hasn't been doing a lot of that, as I just haven't been giving the game much time - I've been rather preoccupied with producing movies and pictures for my H1 material. Sorry about that, but I hope there's more ODST stuff still to come.

  • Mombasa Streets - PENDING
  • Tayari Plaza - PENDING
  • Uplift Reserve - PENDING
  • Kizingo Boulevard - PENDING
  • ONI Alpha Site
  • Kikowani Station - PENDING
  • Data Hive - PENDING
  • Coastal Highway - PENDING