Twin bridges megabattle

Posted November 16th 2006, expanded later

Associated movies… BCM17, 18, 36, 37, 89, 90, 113, 114, 235, 236, 327, 328

There goes most of my support

If you love hectic battling and glorious scenes of carnage, here's something that will rock your cyborg world. The 'twin bridges megabattle' takes place in the snowfield beneath the twin bridges in level 5 - Assault on the Control Room - and is surely the biggest fight available in the entire game. You can get up to 90 enemies there, and up to 18 Marines!

You go on ahead Sarge, I'll stay here

The battle is set up by progressing a spiral path megabattle situation. The idea is to get all the enemy heading down the spiral path to the underpass and tempt them through to the twin bridges area, to join enemies triggered there. After that you can get a battle start checkpoint for replaying the battle again and again. Marines can be ready and waiting in a remote part of the battlefield, initially cooped up in a pen or held back by a blockade. A horde of enemy charges your way, and pretty soon all hell is breaking loose.

There's some truly fantastic battling to be had here, particularly with a large squad of Marines. It's carnage on a whole new level. With all that space there's huge potential for how to tackle things, and it's also a sniper's dream. So get your cyborg-issue thermal underwear back on, and get out into that snow!