Archived precursor to my 2017 revamp Exploring the entry chamber:

Exploring the landing zone

Posted July 15th 2007

When you get hold of a Banshee, fly it back to the start of the first bridge, then squeeze the Banshee through to the cavernous landing zone where the Pelican dropped you off. You'll need to briefly dismount at doors to make them open. It's a tight squeeze to get along passages, but once you get the knack of it, and in particular the knack of going around corners, you can get through in under two minutes.

Once at the landing zone, fly around and explore. You can land on top of a long pipe-like structure above the platform for example, and you can also have a close look at the shimmering surface of the dome up above.

On a revolving ring

There are some magically suspended broken rings that rotate around the central column. If you can manage to dismount onto a ring (leaving the Banshee to fall out of the way), it's possible to stay on by jumping as each break comes up. MC the daredevil strikes again!

Invisible barrier below

If you fly down into the chasm, you'll find that the Banshee can't seem to go below a certain depth; it eventually gets stopped by what seems like a soft invisible barrier. However, if you then dismount, you'll fall to your death.