Bridge descent guide

Posted March 28th 2011, expanded later

Associated movies… BCM7, 11, 12, 13, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33, 57, 61, 75, 136, 172, 173, 180 (but see also 8, 40, 41 and 48, in which descents occur)

A parachute would've been handy

This is my guide to single-player methods of descending from the first bridge in 'Assault on the Control Room'. It's a project I started after releasing BCM7 and BCM8 featuring one such method. I figured it was time I learnt about others and tried them out. I've done a lot of archive trawling to find all I can, and a number of folk have provided useful material along the way; thanks again to them.

Most methods never really had an established name, though reference by originator was sometimes used. In a change to the guide, I've now (March 2016) adopted the use of short names with a descriptive aspect, for easy reference, both within the guide and elsewhere.

Method descriptions are written in general terms rather than trying to describe exactly how things were done originally, as those particulars are usually not critical and there's often a good deal of variation possible. Checkpoint advice is separated out, as the use of checkpoints to ease the work is never necessary, though typically a great help.

Many methods are only suitable for PAL Xbox, while some are only suitable for NTSC and PC (and Anniversary, being based on NTSC). In the contents list below, I've indicated the systems to which methods are well suited, to the best of my knowledge. With some methods you might also be able to use an 'unsuitable' system, though it would likely be problematic. You'll find greater detail on the pages themselves, although in many cases I haven't really had enough reports from NTSC/PC users to be sure of the situation.

Note: My bridge descent movies are listed in the Bridge descents section of my movie index page (also there's a playlist on YouTube), and are all done on PAL Xbox.

Ledge fall methods (falling to the ledge)

Bounce methods (bouncing off the ledge to a cushioned landing)

Stop methods (getting stopped on the ledge by something)

Shade ride methods (falling in a Shade)

Miscellaneous methods