Easiest methods

Now we've covered all those methods, which are the easiest? Here's my advice.

Easiest methods for PAL

For PAL there's a standout choice, as of May 2016. Namely the V-clip Shade ride method when done with precise grenading for surefire success, as shown in BCM180. Not only is success guaranteed - something no other descent method can boast - but also there's hardly any skill needed; just that of careful aiming.

After that, my next recommendation would be for the V-start Shade ride method, as long as you use my refined 'far landing' routine shown in BCM173. By using very precise grenade placement a success rate of over 95% is possible. That makes it sound like a close rival to the refined V-clip Shade ride method just mentioned, but there's a big difference in terms of skill level needed. Getting that high success rate depends on quite a bit of skill and finesse, largely revolving around the good timing of some Shade flipping and boarding. That said, I think it'll be fairly easy to get the knack after a while, and the method does have an advantage over the V-clip method, and over most methods. Namely, you rarely lose any health in getting down. That may or may not be a concern for you.

The one other method which can give a very high success rate is the tree and rock method (see BCM7 and BCM8). If you make sure to get the best rock - which is pretty quick to do when you've learnt how to recognize it from afar - the method can give you a success rate of over 90%, with full health usually being retained. On the minus side though, it's on the far side of the bridge, and there's the hassle of making sure to get the best rock; so it's certainly likely to take you longer to reach the ground.

Let me also mention the standard Shade ride method. With the refined technique shown towards the end of BCM173 a success rate of over 60% is possible, with health loss being rare when you succeed. A reason you might prefer this method to the V-start Shade ride is that the Elite is no threat and you can be riding down before the Banshee is in range, so there's no need to eliminate them first.

UPDATE: Now that I've refined the arch method of Banshee grabbing, it's actually easier than a lot of normal descent methods, once you've practiced it to get the knack. It's so routine, I'd be confident of grabbing it in just a few tries, if not first time. So, this definitely has to be in the list of easiest methods.

Easiest methods for NTSC and PC

For NTSC and PC it looks like there's only one good choice, namely the left ledge method. I'd been thinking that the right ledge method might also be a good bet, and possibly even easier, but so far I've had no positive reports about its viability for these platforms (of which I have no experience), so I can't say. If you have NTSC or PC and care to send me various reports on the viability or ease of any methods, I'll be happy to hear from you, so I can give out better advice!