Hidden thirsty Grunt

Posted May 27th 2007

If you want to see that food nipple again you better start running!

Do you know about the thirsty Grunt? It's an 'Easter egg' I read about long ago. As you drive to make your getaway, there's an unusual Grunt hidden away down a side passage. If you're simply driving straight past, he'll shout out a standard alert line such as "I see one!". But approach and he'll deliver a special line in a rather quavery voice which seems a bit different from normal. A line involving a food nipple and a starship - and his big grunty thirst. He seems to have no interest in shooting you. He stands around amiably, though you can make him jump in surprise by firing a shot. Quite a cute little fellow - but I really don't think he's going to make it to that food nipple!

Where to find him

If you want to find him for yourself, be my guest and stop reading now. If you want directions, here they are. Not long after continuing on from the Pelican rendezvous area, there's a big octangular opening in the wall on the right, which is actually a shortcut (there was another such shortcut earlier in the drive). Go in there. Halfway along, the Grunt is down a side-passage to the right.