If you're looking to get more fun out of campaign mode for the original Halo, and also Halo 3, ODST and Reach, you're in the right place because there are over a million words of cyborg-happy yammering here, largely devoted to that goal. For the original there's a massive section of fun including detailed accounts of the five megabattles, and there's a large section of combat tips to help you in the field. I'm also busy making movies and adding pictures (click thumbnails to enlarge), to enhance the Bad Cyborg experience. So come on in and get a bit of red mist worked up under your visor!

To help get you started, here are some random pictures from articles on the site. Click to enlarge, or click a caption to jump to the relevant page.

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  • May 31st: Special ops hog boost fun
    More fun with a special ops squad, in BCM433.
  • May 23rd: Riding on a backstop Sentinel, crouched view
    Final instalment on the backstop Sentinels: BCM432.
  • May 22nd: Riding on a backstop Sentinel, more examples
    Back to the Sentinel riding for some nice examples, in BCM431.
  • May 19th: Backstop Sentinels combat fun
    Getting aggressive now, in BCM430. See also my associated new article.
  • May 17th: Riding on a backstop Sentinel, stunt boarding
    Things get showy, in BCM429.
  • May 16th: Riding on a backstop Sentinel, return trips
    New potential discovered! See BCM428 and my revised and re-titled article.
  • May 13th: Balancing on a backstop Sentinel
    In BCM427 I tackle a rather extreme challenge! See also my associated new article.
  • May 11th: Backstop Sentinels blocking fun
    Check out BCM426 for some Sentinel fun, and see also my associated new article.
  • May 7th: Descent from the ship
    Novel exploration beckons, in BCM425. See also my associated new article.
  • April 30th: Warthog stunt jump
    BCM424 is all about The Maw's big Warhog jump, and it goes with my new article.
  • April 25th: Hidden thirsty Grunt
    There's movie coverage for a special little fellow in BCM423. See also my newly expanded article.
  • April 21st: Special ops wall versus Flood
    In my third dose of special ops fun, BCM422, the fight is on!
  • April 19th: Special ops wall shortcut fun
    For the second dose of special ops fun, see BCM421. More coming soon!
  • April 17th: Special ops wall glitch fun
    There's a hefty dose of special ops fun in BCM420. Plus more coming shortly!
  • April 12th: Red ring impact effect
    See BCM419 for some pretty stuff! Also there's my newly expanded article.
  • April 4th: Freakiness & fun #30
    Another fun-filled compilation: BCM418.
  • April 1st: Grunty grenade barrages, double trouble
    There's fun with various pairs of Grunts lobbing plasmas at me, in BCM417.
  • March 30th: Grunty grenade barrages, vehicle use
    More amusing grenade work from the Grunts, in BCM416.
  • March 24th: Grunty grenade barrages
    A surprising and belated discovery about Grunts! See BCM415 and my related new article.
  • March 17th: Suicidal bridge Elite
    Lots of fun with a novel situation, in BCM414.
  • March 9th: Marineless first ground battle
    BCM413 demonstrates an old AOTCR trick of mine: the marineless first ground battle.
  • March 6th: Evac tagging, amomalous tag survival and more
    Second instalment on evac tagging: BCM412.
  • February 29th: Evac tagging
    New movie BCM411, plus article.
  • February 20th: 40-covie glasshouse battle x3, rocket special
    Yet more 40-covie carnage, in BCM410.
  • February 18th: 40-covie glasshouse battle x3
    The battling continues in BCM409.
  • February 15th: 40-covie glasshouse battle x3
    Things get spicy in BCM408 as I tackle the maximum 40 covies!
  • February 8th: Glasshouse battle, advance weapon placement
    Check out BCM407 for a nifty new weapon provision tactic!
  • January 26th: Movie listing upgrade
    In my articles I've improved the way I list "associated movies". I now give fuller info, helpfully indicating the content of each movie. Here's a sample page if you want to see how things look.
  • January 18th: Glasshouse battle, speed stealth challenge
    In BCM406 I turn my attention to doing the stealth challenge fast!
  • January 15th: Boosted glasshouse battle x2, no grenades
    In BCM405 there's more tough play without grenades; and I have to watch my ammo too!
  • January 12th: Boosted glasshouse battle x2, no grenades
    A new challenge beckons in BCM404: battling my 37 covies without using grenades!
  • January 9th: Boosted glasshouse battle x3, AR challenge
    In BCM403 it's about managing with just an AR!
  • January 7th: Boosted glasshouse battling on Legendary
    In BCM402 I tackle 37 covies on Legendary, with various weaponry.
  • January 4th: Glasshouse battle, extra covies via rear trigger
    A sneakier way of adding extra covies, useful for Legendary: BCM401.